Sunny Deol Didn’t Talk to Shahrukh For 16 Years Due to This Reason


The two-star heroes working together in a film is not an ordinary thing until both have known each other very well. Otherwise, A small misunderstanding can lead to a disaster in their relationship. This is the same thing happened between Sunny Deol and Shahrukh Khan.

Both had worked for the film Darr in 1993. The film has got a huge success and both got a good name. However, Shahrukh played a negative role in this film. Sunny played the hero role. But, This movie director and producer Yash Raj has glorified villain character even more than hero which has led to a sad ending between Shahrukh and Sunny Deol.

After this movie shooting, Sunny Deol never talked to Shahrukh for 16 years. Also, He never worked in Yash Raj films. This total incident has been revealed by Sunny Deol himself in the India TV interview. Now, This video is going viral on social media. When the interviewer asked, Sunny about Shahrukh and Yash Raj were scared him on the sets of Darr, He said, ” They were scared because they have done something wrong”.