Srilanka Bomb Blasts Shocked The World

Srilanka Bomb Blasts

Srilanka Bomb Blasts

Srilanka was shocked after a serial of eight destructive bomb blasts busted through 5-star hotels and churches celebrating Easter in Sri Lanka on Sunday, killing 290 people and hundreds injured, including a number of foreigners. The planned and well-executed attacks were the deadliest in Sri Lanka since the civil war that killed up to 100,000 people and remained an unforgettable scar in Sri Lankan history.

As per sources, bombers left a devastating rise of violence against the country’s Christian culture that has been targeted in the past, but never to such brutal effect now. Up to now, not any terrorist organization claimed of this brutal blasts. But the Sri Lankan government said eight people had been arrested and investigators would look into whether the attackers had overseas links. Sri Lanka also imposed a nationwide curfew and suppressed social media access to prevent wrong information from spreading in the country of 21 million people and stopped internet services.

This brutal serial blasts left the whole world shocked and several National leaders condemned the attack including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who paid condolences to the lost in his Twitter Account. At least two of them involved as suicide bombers, including one who lined up at a hotel breakfast buffet before blasting himself and another one entering into the church carrying the backpack which was caught in CC cameras clearly.