Rakul Preet Singh About Fitness, Going To Gym

Rakul Preet Singh About Fitness

Rakul Preet Singh About Fitness

Tollywood heroes proved that they were the fitness freaks in the film industry. Allu Arjun proved this with his six-pack later all the heroes followed him. Now the heroines were also following some fitness rules. Recently Pooja Hegde made a statement to prove her stamina. She said she can work 3 shifts in a day.

Now, Rakul Preet has also joined the list. Rakul said I can work for more than 30 hours. We all know Rakul is a fitness freak. She has got trolled for looking thin. However, She doesn’t react and also not stopping to go to the gym.

Rakul is saying that she will be physically and mentally strong and that she will work in any kind of atmosphere. I love people who work hard. I want everyone to be fitter and the people surround me also wants to do the same thing I do.