Pakistani Cricket Fans Hilarious Video Goes Viral After India Victory

Pakistani Cricket Fans

Pakistani Cricket Fans

Pakistani Cricket Fans anger reached peaked after their seventh straight loss towards India in the world cups. India vs Pakistan match has happened at Old Trafford in England on Sunday. In the match, India defeated Pakistan by 89 runs on the basis of Duckworth-Lewis in this rain-affected match.

Pakistani Cricket Fans

Pakistani Cricket Fans Earlier, batting first, Indian batsmen made the most of the pitch and scored 336 runs. Rohit Sharma scored 140 and captain Virat Kohli scored 77 runs brilliantly. In reply, Pakistan’s team could only manage 216 runs in 40 overs losing 6 wickets. 

There was a flood of reactions on social media after the defeat of Pakistan. On one hand, where Indian fans are celebrating the victory. At the same time, on the other side, the Pakistani fans haven’t controlled their emotion and been frustrated with their loss. Check out some funny and hilarious videos of deficient Pakistani fans. Now, All these videos are going viral on social media. 

A fan was so much offended by the defeat of the Pakistani team that he started crying while giving an interview. This fan has questioned the Pakistani team’s fitness. He alleged that “one day before the match, Pakistani players are eating burgers and pizzas.”