Nirav Modi Arrested in London will be Submitted to Court Today

Nirav Modi Arrested

Nirav Modi Arrested

The main accused in the Punjab National Bank scam, Nirav Modi has finally been arrested in London. Nirav Modi is accused of looting 14,000 crores form the Punjab National Bank. This fraud was revealed about 13 months ago. The police have then issued an arrest warrant. However, he was flying in different countries and hasn’t found to the police.

Recently, He was spotted in London a couple of times. He was caught by a media person and asked questions related to this case. He replied, ” No Comments” to all the questions. Let me tell you that before this, the other businessman Vijay Mallya was also arrested in London but later he got bail.

He will be submitted to the court today and the extradition process will happen soon. CBI has proved his scam after he has taken the loan of 14,000 crores by using fake documents. 

The gold jeweler businessman was charge-sheeted by CBI and Enforcement Directorate and tracking the case. He was currently living in a 3BHK near the center block tower in London. This flat will cost 17 Lakh rupees per month. Narendra Modi will be the relieved man after his arrest as he was exploited for not arresting Nirav Modi in this case by Congress.