Crazy Monkey Steals Money at Toll Booth


Monkey Steals Money

There were many cases that toll booths have been robbed. But, This was strange. According to the reports, A trained monkey has stolen the money. It has run away with more than 5000 Rupees cash. Actually, A car has stopped in front of the Bara toll booth near Kanpur, and then suddenly the monkey has come from inside the car.

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Then the toll booth person hasn’t aware of the situation has just waited for the monkey to move. But the well-trained monkey has first sitten on the shoulders of toll booth person then moved to the cashier box and then stole the money and run away.

This is not the first time it has happened in the toll booth a monkey robbing the cash in this toll booth. According to the Manoj Sharma, general manager of Bara toll booth it has happened quite a few times. He registered the complaint in the police station. The whole incident is captured in the CCTV footage and now it is going viral on social media.