India Becomes Space Superpower Adresses PM Narendra Modi

India Space Superpower

India Space Superpower

Today Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moaddresseddressed the nation. He said in the speech, “We have tested the Anti-Satellite Mission successfully.” DRDO has shot down the low-orbit satellite in the A-SAT test. This test was named “Mission Shakti”. Modi congratulated the DRDO team for successfully completing the test. It was not intended on any other country. 

After this test, Modi tweeted  India is the space superpower and India is the fourth country to acquire this. What it means is if anyone attacks India, we will shoot their satellite and they will have no communication, GPS or any thing which can help them to win the war. Ultimately we are now a space superpower. We can now also destroy the spy satellites of any Nation. Now, we can monitor anyone who’s using Spy Satellite against India.