Dog Saves Girl Life In a Viral Video


Dog Saves Girl Life

We all know how friendly the dogs towards the human. If you feed them for three days they will remember you even after years. Dogs are the most trusted animals. Now, one such kind of video is going viral on social media.

In this video a dog rescuing the little girl who is trying to pick up the ball from the river. The little girl doesn’t know the danger of going into the river. However, She was surrounded by a beautiful dog who can help at any time. The dog has dragged the little girl back and helped her.

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Dog Saves Girl Life

Actually, The little girl was playing with a ball near the river. The ball fell into the river by mistake. The girl then stood on the bank of the river and tried to get the ball. The girl’s dog, seeing this, came fast and grabbed the girl out of the river. Then the dog gets the ball from the river and give it to the little girl.