Couple Kissing on Bike in Heavy Traffic Caught Video Gone Viral


Couple Kissing on Bike

The Delhi police were shocked after watching this incident. The couple was caught kissing on a heavy traffic road near Rajouri garden – Kriti Nagar crossing, Delhi. Both were involved in a deep kiss while the bike was traveling at a speed between cars and heavy traffic.

Lady was seen sitting on the petrol tank of bike reversely and the man who was driving controlling the bike by kicking the stand a couple of times. The bike was wobbling while they were involved in a kiss. The whole incident has captured by another traveler in the traffic, who was going behind them in the car.

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He also said how they had managed to do such reckless things and how they escaped from the police. Police officers were also shocked and urged the car person to come in front of them to take the action on this romantic couple. The bike was a black pulsar. However, The number plate was not seen in this video.